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Popular Products

View our most popular products here! This collection showcases products that our customers just love!

  • USA and North America

    California Love Necklace

    $35.00 - $58.00

    California Love Necklace for representing your California pride.  We used the Silhouette of California to represent the "L" in Love.  Such a fun and different way to wear a state necklace! Who doesn't love California?  With the numerous...

  • Pinoy Pride

    Philippine Sun Necklace

    $35.00 - $73.00

    Our Adorable Philippines sun necklace is one of the very few available in this delicate design.  We even engrave the tiny "rays" of light that give the Philippines sun it's distinct look.  This necklace is an adorable way to represent your...

  • USA and North America

    California Ring


    Cute California state ring! Perfect for individuals who love state map jewelry but may want something a bit more subtle than the state silhouette necklaces. California ring details-State Size: 8 mm tall-Ring band 1.3mm thick with gently hammered...

  • Africa

    Africa Necklace

    $28.00 - $66.00

    Our popular Africa necklace is a beautiful piece for the women who has a special connection with Africa.  Be it your home country, a special vacation spot, missionary or personal journey, our African necklace charm is a wonderful remembrance of this...

  • USA and North America

    Ohio Necklace

    $28.00 - $66.00

    This listing is for an Ohio State Silhouette necklace. I cut a heart out of the area over Cleveland but I can put the heart over any area you prefer. I can also cut out a star, or other shape if you like. When designing our hometown jewelry, we take...

  • USA and North America

    California Necklace

    $28.00 - $66.00

    California Necklace for representing your California love.  This piece is probably one of the only pieces in the shop that practically ANYONE can wear!  Who doesn't love California?  With the numerous attractions, close proximity to sin...