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Unique Foods Around The World

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Aug 5th 2017

There are so many different cultures all around the world and so many different types of foods. Today, we are going to explore these different cultures and discover new and odd types of food eaten around the world that you most likely have not heard of or seen before.

Ramen Donut (Ramnut) – America

The Ramnut - a donut that is made completely with ramen noodles. An interesting concept that is said to be “starchy, crispy, covered in frosting, and stuffed with custard”. Will this be the successor to the cronut? 

Sweet Garlic Bread – Korea

Just your regular garlic bread sprinkled with some sugar on top. A very interesting mix of sweet and savoury in one bite!

Fairy Bread – Australia

These are so easy to make and so colourful! All you need to do is add butter to a piece of bread and then add sprinkles on top

Kissel (Fruit soup) – Russia

Made with fruit juice and thickened with starch, this concoction is made as a dessert 

Dausage – Wales

The dausage is the mix between a doughnut and a sausage. It is a sausage filled with jelly inside and can be found in select festivals and fairs across Wales.

Seafood Ice Cream – Japan

Didn’t you always want a fish flavoured ice cream growing up? No, I didn’t either. I’ll have a salmon strawberry please!

Deep-Fried Pizza – Scotland

Everything is better deep fried right?

Turo Rudi (Cottage cheese roll) – Hungary

Turo rudi translates directly to cottage cheese roll. This beloved Hungarian snack is essentially cottage cheese coated in dark chocolate and is one of the most popular treats in Hungary.

Macaroni Pie – Barbados

This is basically lasagna made with macaroni and cheese.

Tavuk Gogsu (Chicken Pudding) – Turkey

Most people wouldn’t expect to be served chicken for dessert, but this Turkish Delicacy is one of Turkey’s most famous after-dinner snacks. The chicken is first boiled then torn into fine threads to be mixed with cake ingredients and finally made into a pudding. Who would’ve thought chicken and milk would make a tasty dessert?