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Show off your hometown pride with money?

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I know what you're thinking: How would money show where I'm from?  The answer is simple, currency symbols!  It would be a fun way to show what region of the world you're from.  Or at least the currency you prefer. 

Don't think it's a big deal? I once read that world famous supermodel Giselle Bundchen preferred to be paid in Euros!  Though, it probably had more to do with the falling dollar at that time rather than representing a region. Nevertheless, your native currency is such a fun and fresh way to represent your hometown, or rather homeland pride!   

The designs we have in this new Currency Symbol Collection are:


Swiss Franc

Indian Rupee

Japanese Yen

British Pound

Italian Lira

and the all mighty Dollar

If you don't see your beloved currency in our collection, let us know by leaving a comment! We'd be more than happy to add it to our Currency Collection!

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