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Step up the sentimental value of your piece with engravings

Adding a personalized touch to your jewelry is a great way to bring a sentimental and priceless feel to your piece.  Our preset font options are there for your convenience; but you can add some personal flare with any font you want to use!If you're searching for a thoughtful gift, engraving is a very easy way to [...]

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Show off your hometown inspired jewelry with our special hashtag #myHAVENnation

We're starting a fun hashtag for all our wonderful customers to use to show off their special pieces from The Hometown Haven.#myHAVENnationThe hashtag is very new so help us spread the word and create a viral hashtag!  Below are a few happy customers who've shared our work.      Courtesy of @fruityfayOur customer Fruityfay beautifully shows off her [...]

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We're featured on Emmaline Bride!

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed a post/rant about us going through the process of redoing some of our (*ahem* not so pretty) product photos.  Our Ohio necklace, was one of the lucky few that got revamped and it looks like its got more appeal because it got featured in Emmaline Bride! Big thanks to [...]

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Represent your state with style!

Welcome to The Hometown Haven!  If you reach this post, then congrats you're reading my very first blog post!  I thought I'd spotlight some products that will cleverly highlight your love for your home state.  No shameless plugs I promise! Alaska Silhouette Chopping Board via AHeirloomCan you imagine how many conversations you'd start with this chopping board?  [...]

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