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Expat Problems

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Jun 6th 2016

Living in another country is an amazing opportunity I think everyone should experience at least once in their lives.  But with the excitement of living in an unfamiliar country comes the #expatproblems. Fitting in with your peers. You know you are totally out of loop #popculture when you have to Google the names of popular Bollywood stars in past decade #expatproblems — Parul Jain (@pjains) June 4, 2016 A simple phone call home is all but simple. I have amazing news, and all I want to do is call my mom, but it's 5AM where she is, and I don't want …

Free State Earring in May!

Posted by The Hometown Haven on May 12th 2016

That's right!  We're having an exclusive VIP member deal until June 10, 2016 for FREE 6mm state or country earrings with a purchase of at least $50.Model wearing our adorable Massachusetts earringsFor all the details, join our VIP club!  You'll first receive a welcome coupon for 20% off our site and then a separate email for this May exclusive deal.  All our sales and deals are EXCLUSIVE to VIP members.  For help joining, you can view our other blog post which gives a bit more insight about our myHAVENnation VIP club.Let us know if you enjoy this deal or look forward t …

Steps to engrave your piece

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Apr 12th 2016

We've created this fun graphic chart to help you make sure you don't miss any steps when you decide to engrave something on your piece.  For some inspiration, check out our other blog post that showcases the sentimental value added to jewelry with engraving.

Show off your hometown pride with money?

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Apr 4th 2016

I know what you're thinking: How would money show where I'm from?  The answer is simple, currency symbols!  It would be a fun way to show what region of the world you're from.  Or at least the currency you prefer.  Don't think it's a big deal? I once read that world famous supermodel Giselle Bundchen preferred to be paid in Euros!  Though, it probably had more to do with the falling dollar at that time rather than representing a region. Nevertheless, your native currency is such a fun and fresh way to represent your hometown, or rather homeland …

Fun math jewerly inspired by Pi

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Apr 1st 2016

Pi Day is officially on March 14th every year, but who says you can't appreciate Pi all year long?  Below are a few fun pieces from our collection celebrating Pi!                     Pi symbol necklace                                Pi stud earrings                 &nbs …