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Happy Independence Day Philippines

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Jun 12th 2017

As someone with a little bit of Filipino heritage, you may find it funny that I didn't even know when the Philippine's Independence day was until about a week ago!  To my credit, I was born and raised in the US where very little Philippine history is taught.If you knew nothing about the Philippines before reading this post, here are a few fun facts!1. The country was named after King Philip II of Spain.  Spanish influence can be found in many aspects of the Filipino culture.2. Was once called the "text capital of the world".  They were one of the first countries to start utilizi …

Statues Around the world - Amy Winehouse

Jun 8th 2017

As much as we normal people hate to admit, we have a fascination with celebrities.  Proof is in the fact that we create statues of them!  The late Amy Winehouse was an extremely popular singer known for her unique voice and style of singing.  On September 14, 2014, statue artist Scott Eaton unveiled Amy Winehouse's statue where is currently stands at Camden Town, London.  A definite must see if you were a big fan of hers!Image By: Hannah McKay …

Speak with an Australian accent part 1

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Jun 6th 2017

Are you ready for a good laugh?  Apparently there are funny ways to fake an accent such as speaking regular words which phonetically sound like a foreign accent!  In this post, we try faking an Australian accent.|||||||Spoiler warning!||||||| Stay tuned for more "Speak with an _______ Accent!"  If you know any funny ways to speak with an accent, let us know, we'd love to here more! …

Coupon Code for Last Minute Graduation Gifts!

Posted by The Hometown Haven on May 31st 2017

Congratulations to the class of 2017! If you're looking for a graduation gift, you'll be glad to hear that our VIP members just received a 17% off coupon in the latest newsletter! Make sure to check it out!If you STILL have not signed up for our newsletter, make sure you do!  90% of coupons and sales are available only to our newsletter subscribers.

New Gold Fill and Rose Gold Fill available

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Feb 14th 2017

New 14K Gold Filled and 14K Rose Gold Filled necklaces! You save about $300-$350 purchasing 14K Gold Fill instead of solid 14K Gold.  If you didn't know, Gold fill has a thick layer of gold bonded to the brass underneath.  And unlike gold plate, the gold on Gold Fill can potentially last a lifetime if it is cared for properly.So unless you tell people, your necklace will look, feel, and wear just like solid 14k gold.Happy Shopping! …