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California Inspired Jewelry

Posted by Tanya Baird on May 9th 2019

California Inspired Jewelry
Check out our latest upload on our new YouTube Channel! A quick showcase of our California inspired jewelry!

10 Odd Laws Around the World

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Aug 20th 2017

1.In Switzerland, it’s illegal to flush the toilet in an apartment building after 10 PM.2.In Finland, speeding fines are calculated based on one’s income; the more you earn the larger the fine.3.In Milan, citizens are legally required to be always smiling, except during funerals and hospital visits. Those who don’t smile may face fines.4.In Denmark, you do not have to pay the bill unless you are full at the end of the meal.5.In New South Wales, Australia, a fine up to $2188 may be given for splashing a pedestrian waiting at a bus stop.6.In Kazakhstan, it’s against the law to take pictur …

Unique Foods Around The World

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Aug 5th 2017

There are so many different cultures all around the world and so many different types of foods. Today, we are going to explore these different cultures and discover new and odd types of food eaten around the world that you most likely have not heard of or seen before. Ramen Donut (Ramnut) – America The Ramnut - a donut that is made completely with ramen noodles. An interesting concept that is said to be “starchy, crispy, covered in frosting, and stuffed with custard”. Will this be the successor to the cronut? Sweet Garlic Bread – Korea Just your regular garlic bread s …

Happy Independence Day Philippines

Posted by The Hometown Haven on Jun 12th 2017

As someone with a little bit of Filipino heritage, you may find it funny that I didn't even know when the Philippine's Independence day was until about a week ago!  To my credit, I was born and raised in the US where very little Philippine history is taught.If you knew nothing about the Philippines before reading this post, here are a few fun facts!1. The country was named after King Philip II of Spain.  Spanish influence can be found in many aspects of the Filipino culture.2. Was once called the "text capital of the world".  They were one of the first countries to start utilizi …

Statues Around the world - Amy Winehouse

Jun 8th 2017

As much as we normal people hate to admit, we have a fascination with celebrities.  Proof is in the fact that we create statues of them!  The late Amy Winehouse was an extremely popular singer known for her unique voice and style of singing.  On September 14, 2014, statue artist Scott Eaton unveiled Amy Winehouse's statue where is currently stands at Camden Town, London.  A definite must see if you were a big fan of hers!Image By: Hannah McKay …