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10 Odd Laws Around the World

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1.In Switzerland, it’s illegal to flush the toilet in an apartment building after 10 PM.

2.In Finland, speeding fines are calculated based on one’s income; the more you earn the larger the fine.

3.In Milan, citizens are legally required to be always smiling, except during funerals and hospital visits. Those who don’t smile may face fines.

4.In Denmark, you do not have to pay the bill unless you are full at the end of the meal.

5.In New South Wales, Australia, a fine up to $2188 may be given for splashing a pedestrian waiting at a bus stop.

6.In Kazakhstan, it’s against the law to take pictures of public buildings and airports.

7.In Victoria, Australia, you cannot change a lightbulb unless you are a qualified electrician.

8.In Barcelona, you can face fines for spitting in the city.

9.In England, you cannot ‘operate’ a cow while you are intoxicated.

10.In Eureka, Nevada, it’s illegal for a man to kiss a woman with a moustache.

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Coupon Code for Last Minute Graduation Gifts!

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Free State Earring in May!

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