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Sizing Info and Clarification

Petite, Small, Big, Standard what do all these terms mean!?  No, we here at The Hometown Haven are NOT trying to confuse you.  When we first opened our doors in October 2014, we only offered a single size for our products and though easier to deal with, we got feedback from customers that some items [...]

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Perfectly Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

August has truly been a hectic month personally and professionally.  I thought it would be fun to post something non-business related.  So here is my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!  It's not overly sweet and the dark chocolate is the true star in this oh so perfectly chewy cookie!  I'm not a big fan of crispy [...]

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We're in a few brick and mortar stores. Maybe near you?

Lately we've been accepting wholesale orders and we could be in a store near you!  In Wilmington Ohio, two of our earrings are offered at a lovely little shop called Everyday Chic Boutique.  With humble beginnings that started from a bedroom, Everyday Chic Boutique has grown into a popular local shop that specializes in regular and [...]

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Happy Independence Day Ukraine!

We here at The Hometown Haven would like to greet the Ukraine a Happy Independence day!I'm sure nobody wants to hear a history lesson from me about Ukraine, but I did think it would be fun to showcase some of our Ukraine Influenced pieces which would be great for anyone of Ukrainian descent. Ukraine NecklaceUkraine EarringsTryzub [...]

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Hey Bugs Bunny - We've got 14 karats!

Gold. Beautiful, shiny and EXPENSIVE gold. With customers occasionally asking for gold and rose gold pieces, I decided to buy some.  See our massive stock of gold below. Small sheet of solid 14K Rose Gold.  This stuff is seriously expensive!Ok, ok, so we aren't swimming in it. But we do have it available for those interested.  [...]

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Flash Sale - I'm a year older!

You heard it here first!  In celebration of my birthday, I'm having a ... And by the time you're reading this sentence, the sale will be over.  Yup.  it was that quick.  ;-)  In all seriousness, below is my Instagram picture with the sale coupon code.  Take advantage while you can because I very, very rarely [...]

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I recently got a request from someone to make a Washington DC necklace and at first I though, "Well, who'd recognize that?".  But then I realized, who cares if most people don't recognize it?  All that matters is that the piece is special to you! This gave me the idea that perhaps there are people out [...]

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Step up the sentimental value of your piece with engravings

Adding a personalized touch to your jewelry is a great way to bring a sentimental and priceless feel to your piece.  Our preset font options are there for your convenience; but you can add some personal flare with any font you want to use!If you're searching for a thoughtful gift, engraving is a very easy way to [...]

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Show off your hometown inspired jewelry with our special hashtag #myHAVENnation

We're starting a fun hashtag for all our wonderful customers to use to show off their special pieces from The Hometown Haven.#myHAVENnationThe hashtag is very new so help us spread the word and create a viral hashtag!  Below are a few happy customers who've shared our work.      Courtesy of @fruityfayOur customer Fruityfay beautifully shows off her [...]

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We're featured on Emmaline Bride!

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed a post/rant about us going through the process of redoing some of our (*ahem* not so pretty) product photos.  Our Ohio necklace, was one of the lucky few that got revamped and it looks like its got more appeal because it got featured in Emmaline Bride! Big thanks to [...]

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