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Happy Independence Day Philippines

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As someone with a little bit of Filipino heritage, you may find it funny that I didn't even know when the Philippine's Independence day was until about a week ago!  To my credit, I was born and raised in the US where very little Philippine history is taught.

If you knew nothing about the Philippines before reading this post, here are a few fun facts!

1. The country was named after King Philip II of Spain.  Spanish influence can be found in many aspects of the Filipino culture.

2. Was once called the "text capital of the world".  They were one of the first countries to start utilizing text messaging.  I went to college in the Philippines in the early 2000s and I didn't know what texting was!  It was already huge here.

3. There are over 170 different languages being used there!  Tagalog (and English) and the official main languages.

4.  Filipinos are obsessed with Manny Pacquiao, the boxer.  Prior to his retirement, there reportedly weren't any crimes being committed on days when he boxed.  This was due to the fact that virtually everyone was watching him fight!

5.  The term "malling" was coined out of their love for malls!  The Philippines have a ton of malls with some of them being the biggest in Asia!  "Malling" includes, but definitely isn't limited to: watching a movie, eating, socializing, hanging out, or even just cooling off from the humid weather there.

6. Filipinos have a strong attachment to slow, old, love songs.   I felt like I was reliving my childhood constantly hearing old songs being played.  And when they like a new song, expect to hear it EVERYWHERE. On the local variety shows with celebrities putting their own spin on the song, on the radio, clubs, malls, elevators, transportation vehicles, etc.  The first time I heard "My Boo" from Usher, it was newly released and my friend said she was already sick of it because her roommate kept it on repeat.

If you have an interesting fact about the Philippines, we'd love to hear it!

If you're looking for a gift for a fellow Filipino, check out some of our new Philippine inspired jewelry!

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